Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Multi Radiance Medical

Multi Radiance Medical is an international corporation with a presence in over 30 countries and has been servicing customers for 20 years.

Multi Radiance Medical develops and manufactures FDA-cleared super pulsed laser devices, which are used throughout the world to provide temporary pain relief associated with back pain, muscle spasm, arthritis pain, elbow pain, muscle strain, and other conditions.

The industry’s technology leader, Multi Radiance Medical’s LaserStim ™ is the first FDA cleared device that combines laser-light and electrical stimulation in one probe, allows for a potential third party reimbursement.

Engineered by the world’s top space scientists and radio engineers, Multi Radiance Medical develops and produces the industry’s most advanced medical therapeutic devices which use low dosage electro-magnetic radiation, integrating pulsed laser, visible red and infrared lights and magnetic field.


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